BWI Lab Intro Exercises


Before joining a research project, complete these basic exercises to assure you have the basic programming skills, a working knowledge of a few AI concepts, and understand how to operate the robots and similators. Have an FRI peer mentor verify that you have completed the assignments.

For course notes that may help you complete these exercises, please see the FRI I course slides, which can be found under the "Teaching" tab.


HW 1: C++ Exercises[PDF][DIR]
HW 2: Planning with PDDL[PDF]
HW 3: ROS Basics & Simple Color Filtering[PDF][BAG]
HW 4: Start up the Robot[PDF]
HW 5: Follow the AR Tag[PDF][Package in a .tar.gz]


C++ Examples

All C++ examples covered in class as a tar.gz[c++.tar.gz]
Example 01[ex01]Hello World! Using printf
Example 02[ex02]Hello World! Using std::cout
Example 03[ex03]Variables
Example 04[ex04]Assignment. Initialization. Pre/post-increment.
Example 05[ex05]Loops
Example 06[ex06]Functions
Example 07[ex07]Scoping
Example 08[ex08]Header files and function prototypes
Example 09[ex09]Header files with separate implementations
Example 10[ex10]Comparisons, if/then/else, basic flow control.
Example 11[ex11]Basic types.
Example 12[ex12]Pointers and references.
Example 13[ex13]Arrays.
Example 14[ex14]Vectors.
Example 15[ex15]Classes.
Example 16[ex16]Pulling it Together.
Example 17[ex17]Inheritance and Abstract Classes.
Example 18[ex18]Runtime errors & signed variables.

PDDL Examples

All PDDL examples covered in class as a tar.gz[pddl.tar.gz]
Example 01[ex01]Pick up the block
Example 02[ex02]Stack blocks
Example 03[ex03]Maze
Example 04[ex04]Door

ROS Examples

beginner_tutorials package as a tar.gz[beginner_tutorials.tar.gz]
vision_tutorials package as a tar.gz[vision_examples.tar.gz]